How long have you been in business?

Petersheim Builders became a reality in 2005. However, managing partners Rich and Wayne have each worked in the construction industry for over 15 years.

In what geographic area do you work?

We serve the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland area.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed and insured. Our employees are fully covered with workers compensation and liability. Our Pennsylvania License is #027884. Our New Jersey license is …..

Do you do small jobs and home repairs?

Yes, we do all types of small jobs and all kinds of home repairs. We have no limit, large or small, in the size of the projects we take on.

Do you specialize in any particular field?

We have extensive experience in a broad range of specialties: all types of interior remodeling plus roofing, siding and replacement windows.

What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business?

Most of the work we do, about 75%, is obtained through word-of-mouth referrals. We believe that a satisfied client is our best advertising.

We are interested in getting a project estimate from you.

Call, email us, or fill out our online contact form to let us know you are interested in getting an estimate. We will arrange a date and time to visit (we try to schedule our visits Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm). One of the owners (Rich or Wayne) will arrive at the scheduled time, speak with you regarding what you have in mind, and then take any necessary measurements. We will then prepare and email you a written estimate. We will give you our best price up front, with no pricing or sales games.

Will we have to get the building permit ourselves?

No, we will work with you and your township to get the permit for your job. We will definitely provide everything your township requires.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or check payments only.

How long will it take to complete my remodeling job?

The time to complete the project will depend on the size of the job. We will always give you an honest, experience-based estimate on the scope of the project and will endeavor to meet our estimates as the job progresses. We will always notify you if delays in delivery of ordered materials will impact the project schedule.

Should I replace my windows before the siding or vice versa?

Ideally, both projects should be done simultaneously, but you can do either project first if you are unable to do them at the same time. If you choose to replace your windows first, there are no issues. If you decide to replace your siding and trim first, you should not wrap your exterior window trim, i.e., sill and casing. We install our replacement windows from the outside of the house, and if the exterior of the existing wood windows is already covered with trim, we have to remove it and redo it to install the new windows.

What if I want to make changes once the work has begun?

Changes can be made while the job is in progress. However, this usually involves a change order, which may result in a price increase.

If we hire you, when can you start?

When you sign our contract, we will give you an estimated start date. We will then keep you updated regarding the specifics of start times based on our overall projects schedule, which can be impacted by inclement weather.

Do you use subcontractors?

We have developed trusted, time-tested relationships with subcontractors whose specific specialties complement what we offer our clients. We have not only verified our subcontractors are licensed and insured, but have built an ongoing relationship with them based on their finished product and our customers’ feedback.

Can you provide us with references?

Absolutely! Just ask and we will supply you with a list of our clients who will be happy to speak with you.